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ESOL classes takeover!

December 2nd, 2016

Last week the Worthing ESOL classes had great fun in Takeover Week challenging the staff and other students in Employability and functional English classes to a knowledge quiz.

ESOL learners’ challenge was to create an A-Z list of foreign TV programmes in one class and famous people around the world in another class.

img_3991  img_3997

Learners went into classes and were welcomed with other learners doing prior research, supporting with spelling and tricky initial letters such as ‘U’ and ‘Y.’ It was a case of learners teaching learners as well as learners teaching staff!

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We have spaces on ESOL provision

November 25th, 2016

Looking for pre-entry – Level 2 English and Maths for students? Look no further! asphaleia has spaces on programmes in:

  • Worthing, West Sussex
  • Maidstone, Kent

Please call 01903 823546 to book an assessment or email us for more information.


Uxbridge are “taken over”…again!

November 25th, 2016

Throughout this annual takeover week we have had young people take over our social media sites, plan projects and take one to one sessions!

Today was no different and we started with Lucy taking over twitter from Zoë. Laura met with a young person who took charge of the petty cash and the shopping list and brought all of art supplies for the drop in session!

Kieran’s young person planned a session and talked to him about the best way to plan a mental health project here in Uxbridge saying: “Mental health can’t be fixed in a session by just talking. It’s not that simple. When it comes to depression, you need to increase the amount of positive times you have & with anxiety you need to find things that make you less anxious so a project that helps you do that would be great. Like what you already do by trips, drop ins and chats but on a bigger scale.” Wise words from a 15 year old & definitely advice Kieran will be taking forward when planning our next project.


We have also had a young person start to design one of our display boards as she wanted to ‘’Promote the AtatchED sessions.’’


During Drop In we also let the group write an introduction to our young people’s bulletin which will be posted next week so watch this space!

Hayley, Development Manager has also planned to work with some young people here in Uxbridge next week to go through the asphaleia marketing plan and let them take it over!!


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Show your silly side this Christmas

November 25th, 2016

Christmas is quickly approaching us (one month today!), shops are filling up with its wonders of gifts, houses are starting to be lit up and different supermarkets competing to have the best Christmas advert.

download-7intro-xmas-jumpers-getty-amOn the 16th December it is Save the Children Christmas Jumper day. This year theme is ‘show the world your silly side! asphaleia action are starting the campaign early by encouraging all staff and young people to buy, create and wear best of the worst Christmas jumper…here is Development Manager Hayley showing her silly side.


To add your pics of Christmas jumpers to our campaign please email them here.

Read all about it

November 25th, 2016

Blogger Jeni Whitchurch has written about asphaleia action’s Kieran and his spray tan campaign!

Check out what she has to say here.

And please remember you have ONE WEEK LEFT TO DONATE! The more money raised, the darker Kieran will go! Donate here.


ESOL learners teach non ESOL learners in class #takeover

November 24th, 2016

Take Over week has seen young people leading on 1:1’s, running classes, taking over social media  and interviewing staff! However today young people in Worthing took Take Over to a new level by deciding to join classes together.


The non ESOL and ESOL class helped each other learn supporting each other with spelling and talking, young people learnt about each other while completing a TV challenge.

Staff watched from the sidelines in awe of the positive choices and respect young people showed towards each other. For more information about our provision, please email us here.

Child Sexual Exploitation training at Sussex Downs College

November 24th, 2016

On the 16th November 2016, Laura McGauran, Lead Project Worker, SAFE Project and Hayley Roffey, Development Manager, delivered a training session on Child Sexual Exploitation to members of staff at Sussex Downs College.


The training focused on the grooming process; target, contact, maintaining contact, perceived positive behaviour, negative behaviour, control and reinforcement and sexual exploitation. The group were tasked to try and think like a perpetrator to show them how complicated the grooming process is.

The training was a great success and Laura and Hayley received some positive feedback.

“Thanks for the high energy delivery”

“Thoroughly thought provoking. Thank you”

“Great training- thank you”

“Very interesting”

For more information about the SAFE project and training opportunities please contact us on 01895 272478.

Takeover Week!

November 24th, 2016

This week Better Life mentoring sessions in Worthing are being turned on their heads!

Young people will be leading the mentoring sessions and teaching Nikki about a subject of their choice.


To find out how our young people get on and see what else is getting taken over this week see our twitter page @asphaleiaaction

AttachED project taken over!

November 24th, 2016

This morning we had a young person take over our AttachED project!

Kieran informed the young person that AttachED need two more offsite activities planned, budgeted and booked in.

As well as tweeting throughout the morning the young person also booked Nandos for the end of November, where she had to budget per person, write letters to young people and also call to book the table at the restaurant. She also budgeted and made plans for Go Jumpin which the AttachED young people will be going to in January.


Lots of the tweets from yesterday were retweeted and liked and to build on this today the young person took over Twitter again from Zoë & sent messages of thanks and continued using the trending hashtags such as #charitytuesday and #tuesdaymotivation


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Youth Talent Programme in Uxbridge

November 24th, 2016


Are you working with young people who you feel are work ready but need support in finding apprenticeships, employment or traineeships?

Zoë is working with young people aged 16 – 24 in Hillingdon Borough and supporting them in taking the next step into positive progression.

So far we have had young people progress onto opportunities at QPR FC, Business Admin employment & apprenticeships and childcare.

Please contact us to find out more and to make a referral.

01895 272478