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asphaleia is Part of Worthing TCI’s Flowerbed Competition! Vote For Us!

July 12th, 2019

We are proud to be participating in this annual competition, which brings businesses, organisations and community groups together for some healthy competition over who can make the most attractive and sustainable flowerbed. The beds are all situated along Worthing seafront and serve to make Worthing’s promenade a delight to meander down in the summer months.  We are grateful to be situated in such a great town and count it a privilege to participate, staff and students, in this community project.

Naturally we think our flowerbed is looking bloomin’ marvellous! Not least because our students have been flexing their green fingers and helping with the watering and weeding since we planted in May.

Flowerbed Worthing

It was designed with the colours of the five asphaleia ventures in mind. We’re proud of it, especially when the students decorated it for Refugee Week in June (more on that to follow).

So we want to tell you that… VOTING IS NOW OPEN!!! The public vote would win us £100, which will go to our Kabor Project in Sierra Leone if we win. You can vote via the Worthing TCI facebook page. They have posted photos of all the flowerbeds and you need to ‘like’ our specific photo, not the whole post. We are bed 16. Do go down and enjoy the various flowerbeds in the flesh.

Click here to vote on Facebook!

If you’d rather not vote that way or if you aren’t on Facebook, please email them on stating bed no. 16.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing the outcome!



5 Tips for Engaging NEET Young People

July 12th, 2019

NEET stands for not in education, employment or training. The latest statistics published suggest that West Sussex has a significant number of young people who are classed as NEET. Therefore the question is, how do we engage these young people and help them reach their potential? Programmes like Make Trax and Future Focus are available at asphaleia for all young people who want to study and gain accredited qualifications that will provide a stepping stone into an apprenticeship, job, or further/higher education. But how specifically can providers engage those young people who are not currently studying or working in any capacity? Here are five key approaches to take when working with NEET young people.

  1. Listen to their needs

Many NEET young people believe that further education or training is something they are forced to do, or they may have had bad experiences with it. The first step to engagement should always be to listen to their needs. Admittedly, these are not always known, but it is paramount that the young person feels listened to, respected and that they have a voice in any re-engagement activities.

  1. Be flexible

Some young people who have not had a routine for some time may not be able to start at 9am, at first. Recognising this is part of setting an achievable goal for them right from the get-go. Equally, if you suggest an hour-long appointment and halfway through this seems to be difficult for them, encourage them to take a break, or allow them to leave early. Reinforce that the biggest step is often the first step.

  1. Use creativity

Whether this is through music, art, writing, mindfulness, or even just taking a walk or being outside, encouraging a creative outlet can aid engagement. Using creative activities in further education alongside the formal study can help to keep the engagement fun and varied. Having a good relationship with a young person depends partly on your commitment to letting them engage you. I often ask a young person to teach me something – this helps with their confidence and creativity.

  1. Use positivity

Positivity is infectious. Rewarding a young person for a small step helps them to believe they can achieve that bigger goal. For example, a young person who has the main aim of being confident enough to go for a job interview may set a target for themselves of talking on the phone to a professional for the first time. Show that you believe in them by being positive about their achievements, strengths, and potential.

  1. Always relate the work they are doing to their next steps

Relating every progression to a destination in a positive way can help to keep that goal in focus and remind a young person of the reason behind the effort they are putting in.

Make Trax and Future Focus project workers are available to work with young people aged 16-24, on barriers to becoming EET, employability skills, work experience and much more. Please see the below flyers for further details and if you know anyone who may benefit from our projects, contact us today.


T: 01903 522966


asphaleia training logo and ofsted good



asphaleia Training Runs Destinations Festival in Partnership with The BASE Skatepark in Bognor

July 5th, 2019

On Thursday 6th June we teamed up with the BASE Skatepark in Bognor Regis to hold our first Destinations Festival. The aim of the event was to support and inspire young people who weren’t presently working or studying to think about their further education options and take a step towards a successful future.

Young people had the opportunity to meet employers, take part in art workshops and competitions and even skate. All whilst our staff were available to chat about what our projects offer them. Our intention was that every young person that attended felt there was something that engaged their interests, which is something we strive to achieve for everyone who studies at our further education provision. We also had some of our students from our courses at the Phoenix Centre come and help out, talking to their peers about their experiences of asphaleia and getting involved in the workshops. One of our current students said:

“It is really cool to see what else asphaleia does. I know a lot of my friends would be interested in something like this.”

This was a fantastic event for us and we are grateful for the support locals, professionals and especially the BASE gave us in making it a success. We hope to run more events in the near future in order to promote what we can offer young people as a further education provider, but for now, here’s a reminder…



Future focus is for 18-24-year-olds looking for help in securing their next steps, offering up to six months of support.



Make Trax is a bespoke pre-engagement
programme for 16-24-year-olds
that works on employability
skills, confidence, communication
and more.


On Track offers accredited
qualifications for 16-18-year-olds
as well as work experience,
support and guidance at your

Two of our courses offer qualifications and all of our courses offer work experience and support in helping young people to reach their potential. If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in studying with us, get in touch today to find out about our upcoming exam surgeries, taster week, or book a time to come and have a chat with one of our team (if you refer a friend who starts a study programme with us, you both get a £10 high street voucher):

Call:01903 522966


Finally, please do get down to the BASE if you are able to – it is an amazing facility and we loved working with them on this project!

asphaleia Attends London Borough of Bromley’s Loneliness Summit

June 25th, 2019

On Friday 21st of June, the final day of National Loneliness Week, our IV Coordinator joined many other organizations at the Civic Centre in Bromley to discuss the issue of loneliness in the borough. Leader of the Council, Colin Smith expressed how this is a national issue and is increasingly being recognised as significantly detrimental to the health and well-being of the millions affected in the UK.

Who is affected and why does it matter?

Those affected can include us all at different times in our lives. Loneliness can be triggered by moving home, losing a loved one, losing a job, becoming a parent, long-term illness, and other events in life. The cohorts that Bromley’s summit were concerned with in particular were; the elderly, new mums, and care leavers.

The third cohort are of particular concern to us at asphaleia, as across our services we work with young people aged 16-24, many of whom are or have been in care. They are a cohort who perhaps aren’t immediately thought of when it comes to loneliness but research done by Coram Voice in 2018 revealed that 1 in 5 care leavers (19%) reported being lonely ‘often/always’. The same report indicated that 23% of care leavers had low well-being.

Many of the young people we work with are unaccompanied asylum seekers who are extremely isolated at first and often in the long-term as they leave care and potentially the network of friends, housemates and staff who were supporting them. It is important that we all understand the impact of loneliness and look for opportunities to help isolated people in our communities.

loneliness doesn't discriminate

The late Jo Cox worked to raise awareness of loneliness during her time as MP in Yorkshire. The cross-party commission she initiated has now led to a loneliness minister being appointed. 

What can be done?

Our IV Coordinator took part in the workshop discussing loneliness in care leavers and how organisations can work together to respond. ‘It was a privilege to have a care leaver with us who so helpfully articulated the needs and causes of loneliness for this cohort. All the people in the room representing organisations from across the borough could see the potential benefits of inter-generational projects that could help both young and old feel less isolated.’

We run the Independent Visiting service for Bromley and this service provides an adult befriender who visits a young person, taking them out to do activities and build a friendship. Young people can keep their Independent Visitor if both wish to continue when they leave care. It is important to raise awareness of this service among young people in care so this relationship can potentially be in place and established for when they leave care.

How you can help

In order to fulfill the need, we require more volunteers from different cultures and backgrounds, and are currently recruiting. Please click here to find out more. As was communicated at the summit, we can all do our bit to help and perhaps yours could be sharing our recruitment posts on social media or recommending the role to a friend. Thank you, it is much appreciated.

Volunteer opportunity Bromley asphaleia care services

Time Spent Learning about Time Management for Students in Bognor

May 29th, 2019

In Bognor we have been learning about how time is managed in the workplace and how we can get better at our own time management. Learners have set their own targets to improve on time management as they have realised that punctuality is a great marker of success. You have to be in it to win it, after all!

We worked as a team to identify what different problems can do for the workplace – not delivering on time gives a business a bad reputation and can lead to losing customers and even threatening the whole business. Learners created colourful mind maps to show all their ideas and thought realistically about how they could make improvements for themselves. One learner even created their own reward system and set small, easy-step targets to improve. Recognising that even if it’s a difficult day personally, you can still achieve some basic goals, which is very good for our mental health and helps avoid negative ‘binary’ thinking – such as “I am a failure” or “I can’t”. Quite often action comes first, and a new, good habit follows. So put one foot in front of the other and improve your time management skills too!

time management

We offer employability courses for 16-24 year-olds in Worthing, Bognor and Uxbridge that include accredited qualifications in English and maths, career advice, and help finding work experience. Start any time of the year and take exams when you’re ready. For more information about our programmes and how to make a referral please call 01903 823546.

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Learning Set With Our Volunteer Independent Visitors in Bromley

May 29th, 2019

On Saturday 18th of May, six of our Independent Visitors met together for a learning set with our IV Coordinator, Jeni. The purpose of these bi-annual gatherings is to enable peer support between our volunteers who otherwise do not interact as visits are one-to-one. Learning sets provide an opportunity for them to learn from one another and share suggestions for activities, for example.

We want our volunteers to experience a mutually beneficial time whilst they’re with us and as well as doing service-specific training and development, they are a part of our annual organisation day and our learning and development week.

Additionally, the learning set is an opportunity to discuss the requirements of the service and where we can develop as individuals and together to ensure every service user has the best experience they can. At the recent session we looked at how we can best utilize activity budgets and also looked at conversation skills.

It was a productive time with all volunteers contributing and positively engaging in discussion. We have a great team of Independent Visitors and as Volunteer Week approaches we are feeling grateful and proud of the time they give to our service users and the impact they are having.

Volunteer opportunity Bromley

We are currently recruiting more Independent Visitors. We need a diverse team of male and female volunteers who can be matched to young people. The role requires 3-5 hours of your time per month and visits take place once a month on the weekend. You need to be at least 21 years-old. Please email us for an application pack and more information about the role:

Partnership opportunity with asphaleia on Future Focus

May 24th, 2019

Do you work with NEET young people aged 16-24?

Are you based in the Coast to Capital region?


asphaleia is seeking new delivery partners for its Future Focus project, which is part-funded by the European Social Fund. Future Focus supports NEET young people aged 16-24 to progress into EET and runs until September 2020. asphaleia is interested in hearing from potential partners with a track record of supporting NEET young people into EET who are able to deliver the elements of the project set out in the tender specification. A budget of £160k is available to support 100 participants. The deadline for tenders is 11th June.

Download further information about the requirement, and the documents for completion here:

Future Focus partnership tender specification FINAL

Future Focus tender application form

Future Focus budget, outputs and results profile


Could you foster?

May 20th, 2019

When we ask people the question, “could you foster?” we often get the same replies or questions. As it is #FosteringFortnight, we thought this would be a good time to put some FAQs out there and debunk some common myths about fostering.

  1. “I’m too old to foster”

Fostering has no upper age limit and in fact, some people have fostered into their 70’s. As long as the child’s needs are met, no upper age limit applies to foster carers.

  1. “I have a job”

It is not a requirement of foster carers to give up their job, as long as you are willing to prioritise the child in your care and understand the commitment you are making when you agree to become a foster carer.

  1. “I don’t know how long I could foster for”

The period of time that a person fosters a child for is completely dependent on the circumstances. There is no average length and the whole journey is supported.

  1. “I have children”

Having children is not a barrier to becoming a foster carer. In fact, it is up to your fostering manager to assess and support whether or not you could foster whilst already looking after your own children.

  1. “I am single”

You do not have to be married or cohabiting in order to become a foster carer.

  1. “I can’t afford to foster”

asphaleia offers a comprehensive and competitive rate for foster carers to ensure that both the child and the foster carer can live a safe and stable life.

  1. “I don’t understand how to get involved in fostering”

Simply get in touch to arrange a chat with our fostering manager Kim so that she can tell you more about what it’s like to be a foster carer. We want foster carers who are looking to ensure the safety, development and achievement of young people who need a home.

Call 01903 522966 or email today.

Training taster week 13th – 17th May

May 13th, 2019

Taster week 

This week we are hosting another taster week – an opportunity for anyone interested in any of our training programmes to come to our centre in Worthing to see what different programmes we have on offer for young people.

Our taster week is running from 13th – 17th May and you are welcome to drop by any time between 9-4, but we do recommend that you call in order for us to tell you the best times to come in on that day.

What is a taster week?

A taster week is an opportunity for young people and professionals to get a first-hand classroom experience of asphaleia.

Why should I come to a taster session?

Get involved! Curious about what we offer? Keen to see inside a classroom? This is a fun, informal way for you to see what it’s like learning at asphaleia.

Where is it?

In our training centre in Worthing – 22 Liverpool Gardens, BN11 1RY.

When is it?

9-4 every day, 13th – 17th May.

How do I find out more, or book?

Call 01903 522966, or email

If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in any of our programmes at asphaleia, please email

Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest news!

asphaleia training logo and ofsted good


Joint venture open morning

April 30th, 2019

On Saturday 11th May from 10.30am – 12pm, we will be hosting a joint venture open morning for our Fostering and Training provisions at our Training Centre.


Our fostering manager Kim has a wealth of experience training and supporting foster carers from the start of their journey with asphaleia. We are currently in great need of foster carers and offer competitive rates of pay, training and support, as well as a rewarding job. Kim will be giving a short presentation to people who may be interested in fostering or would like to find out more.


It is an exciting time for us at asphaleia training, with three programmes on offer to 16 – 24-year-olds. We want to make sure that anyone interested in any of our diverse programmes has all of the information they need, which is why our engagement officer Gracie will be giving a short presentation on Saturday morning in order to explain our different programmes and what they can offer.

We will have refreshments and activities for all of the family in a relaxed and informal setting,so why not come along and find out what we can offer you? We hope to see you at 22 Liverpool Gardens, Worthing, BN11 1RY on 11th May 2019, from 10.30 – 12.


If you have any questions or comments, or to book your place, please email or call us directly on 01903 522966.