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10 Reasons I Like asphaleia training

From the  25th February to 3rd of March, asphaleia is holding it’s third Young Person’s Week. During this week we make a big effort to celebrate the many successes and achievements of the young people we are working with. We couldn’t be prouder of every young person who comes through our door looking to make a positive change for their future. So stay tuned for some serious boasting! Ahead of #asphaleiayoungpersonsweek2019 our student ambassador had a chat with a member of staff and came up with ten reasons why she likes asphaleia.

1. The staff are helpful
Nothing feels like a stupid question. They all seem to know what is going on generally even though it is different subjects. You can tell they work with each other and I feel like they care about my education.

2. Nice atmosphere where you can be yourself
Everyone here seems to understand that school wasn’t easy. No one asks questions or acts like you are stupid. People come here to get the grades they need and then they can move on. It is nice to be in a class with people who think the same way as me.

3. Students are very easy to get on with
Everyone’s nice!

4. Tutors challenge us to learn new things
Sometimes it can be annoying when you do things wrong. But when the teacher reminds you that you won’t learn unless you try to do new things, it makes it clear they are doing it to make us better.

5. We have input into our education
We are a part of interviews for new staff and we get asked about what we like and what we don’t like.

6. Work experience
At school I didn’t get any, here, we get to plan things that we actually find interesting and want to go into instead of a standard one everyone goes on.

7. We are responsible for our learning
Teachers always say that if I work hard and attend I can do well and I actually believe them now!

8. The learning helps me feel more prepared for a job
Especially in employability – I feel like I’m more ready to have a job now because I have a CV, have plans, have looked at how to apply and I know what employers like and don’t like.

9. Exams are flexible
You don’t have to wait until a set time to do them if your teacher thinks you are ready.

10. It’s fun!
I actually enjoy learning here!

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in studying at asphaleia, email to find out more.

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