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A blog by a young person on the SAFE Project

Before I became involved with the SAFE Project at asphaleia I was very shy and quiet when it came to being around others and I didn’t have a lot of confidence. Like every teenager I was extremely doubtful about being a part of the project and was extremely nervous, I wondered if it was even going to help me, but I was so wrong! 

Being a part of the SAFE project has taught me techniques when dealing with anxiety and how to control my nerves, stress and difficult emotions. 


It has seriously helped me grow as an individual and allowed me to experience so much more than before, I became more comfortable around others and began to grow confidence with my inner self. The drop in sessions at asphaleia alongside my 1:1 are a great way to socialise with people in a safe and happy environment which let you meet people who may be dealing with the same difficulties as you , or even allows you to understand each person’s characteristics and make new friends! Each 1:1 session has helped me develop and improve my weaknesses and help me understand my emotions rather than before when I had no clue why I felt the way I did. 


The SAFE Project has helped me move on and overcome my problems , it has reminded me of my inner strengths and allowed me to feel better about myself as a whole- which was the best thing I’ve done to help me for the future. 

Thank you. 

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