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A Variety of Outreach Sessions in Kent

This week in Kent we have been busy doing a variety of activities during our outreach sessions; from whipping up a storm in the kitchen…

…To applying for social housing and support to join a local cycling club. This young person is a keen cyclist and was more than happy to ease into the club with a 40 mile bike ride!

The variety of outreach sessions certainly makes for an interesting job, but more importantly, means the support given ensures each young person receives help in the areas they need it most and of course, this is different for each individual. One thing is for sure, life as an outreach worker is never dull!

Referrals are being taken for Outreach Support, for enquiries please email This services provides one-to-one support for young Asylum Seekers and Refugees, teaching them independent living and self-care skills. The topics covered vary depending on the areas that the young person requires support with, thereby creating a package of outreach support that is tailored to meet individual targets and goals.

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