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A Young Person’s Journey on our Projects in West London

Samuel joined asphaleia Uxbridge in September this year…. Samuel was referred by the Participation Team at Hillingdon Borough as he needed support finding a progression route. At 21 years old Samuel had tried his hardest to access a course or a job but was not getting any success.

With the support of the Youth Talent project and then The Better Life project Samuel has found a suitable progression route and learnt to deal with some of his other issues that to begin with he didn’t even know he needed help with.

Samuel wanted to share his journey with you ….

Before asphaleia I was sitting at home doing nothing for months. I just spent days stuck in my room watching TV and playing the X Box. I knew I had to do something but usually I would start something or seek help and nothing would come of it so I went back to square one. My Mum kept saying, ‘come on Sammy get help’….. but I didn’t know what help!

Luckily a lady at the borough called me and said I should meet with Zoe, I was anxious as I had tried getting support before and didn’t like it but I went anyway. I liked being part of asphaleia because straight away I knew it was different, I could speak about my troubles and could see a way out! I will be starting a Pre-Employability Course in January thanks to Zoe building me up and applying for me. I know this will not fail and I am prepared and I took the time to speak about my anger issues and my feelings of anxiety. By doing this it has built my confidence and made me do more things; I walk the dog when I am bored because Zoe said this will help me more than the X box! I pop and see my Nan when things are getting on top of me at home. I use the bus after 1pm… I didn’t do this before in fear of it being too busy. So much has changed. If I didn’t come here I would still be at home and becoming a recluse as my brother used to say! Not anymore…. I can’t wait until January to make even more positive steps.

Zoe shared a quote with me and I would like to share it with you…..

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