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asphaleia Christmas Advent Fun!

asphaleia provides various services for disadvantaged children and young people in different locations in the South East. It can be a challenge to connect with all staff, carers and volunteers at Christmas time and this year, asphaleia’s leadership team have come up with a cracking asphaleia advent to spread Christmas cheer to all its staff and volunteers throughout the month of December!

Each day of December, the leadership team have been sending out a Christmas-themed competition for staff to enter and win some fabulous prizes. It all started with the ultimate Christmas Quiz, followed by a chocolate-themed crossword and then who can tell the best Christmas Cracker joke!

Katerina, asphaleia’s HR Director, said: “this year we launched our very first asphaleia Christmas Advent and it’s been warmly received by staff, volunteers and foster carers! It’s been great to engage with everyone on a daily basis and bring a little festive cheer and competitive spirit to people’s working day.”

Jeni with her prize for the best Christmas cracker joke – some luxury M&S crackers!

…Oh go on then, we’ll tell the winning joke for some Christmas cheer!

Q: Why was the snowman looking through his carrots?

A: He was picking his nose!

Things will surely get funnier following Day 10’s request for the best David Brent dance impression… Winner announced tomorrow!

Happy Christmas to all the staff and volunteers at asphaleia!

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