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asphaleia Organisational Day June 2018

On Thursday 7th June we had our Organisational Day in Worthing. All asphaleia teams gathered at the Chatsworth Hotel for training, team development, and most importantly…the 2018 asphaleia awards!!

The day was incredibly enjoyable. There was plenty of learning, celebrations and laughs for everyone. Reminding ourselves of the highs and the lows, the challenges and the successes in 2017 and of course looking ahead to 2018 was truly inspiring. Re-affirming our values and mission – ‘to impact as many lives of children and young people who have experienced disadvantage as we can’ was a great reminder of why we work for such a meaningful cause.

We then moved on to some insightful workshops delivered by four of our asphaleia action specialists. These workshops covered some very prominent themes we are all coming into contact with more and more in some context through our work; Child Sexual Exploitation, Mental Health and Well-being, Prevent and County Lines. These were well-received by staff and left us wanting to learn more.

Getting to know the Leadership Team and hearing how their roles have developed into specialist areas was a great way to identify how they contribute to the wider organisation. We also got the chance to hear from three of our colleagues in our ‘chat show’, telling us their experiences of working at asphaleia and what goes on in their typical day. Listening to their stories was really encouraging and motivational.

Teams got together in their ventures to look at planning delivery and developments ahead. It’s always a good way to share ideas and planning together to see them through. We are already looking forward to see how these plans unfold!

Then it was time for the staff awards…….here are the pictures of all the winners from this year – WELL DONE TO EVERYONE !!!!

Dedication to Service Users went to Learning Support Assistant, Alan Olieff

Staff Award went to Centre Administrator, Toni Shortell

Dedication to the role went to Independent Visitor, Amy Burrell

Venture of the year went to asphaleia training

Staff member of the year went to Care Manager, Jodie Brown

Once again – a MASSIVE WELL DONE to everyone !!!!

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