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Big Spring Clean in asphaleia Care

Spring is finally on its way and outreach workers in our care venture at asphaleia have been supporting our young people in semi-independent accommodation with a big spring clean!!

The young people have been putting on their rubber gloves, turning the music up, and actively scrubbing baths, hoovering, dusting, deep cleaning kitchen areas and de-cluttering their personal space.

The care team at asphaleia has also had their dusters out actively doing, showing and teaching the young people how to clean and why it is important to live in a clean house.

Here are some of the reasons why we think it important to teach our young people the skill of cleaning and also some interesting facts:

  • Cleaning is an important life skill for when the young people move onto independence and rent their own properties.
  • It is good exercise and good for your heart (did you know 30 minutes of hoovering can help you burn around 119 calories and makes a big dent in your daily step count of 10,000 steps).
  • Cleaning can boost your mental health.
  • It prevents allergies and can even boost your immune system.
  • Scientific evidence has shown cleaning and de-cluttering your surroundings regularly can be an outlet for energy and negative emotions.
  • Have you ever heard of clean house- clean mind or tidy house-tidy mind? Evidence has shown that removing dirt from our environment provides you with a more comfortable atmosphere so you naturally feel happier and relaxed.

So get your comfy clothing on, rubber gloves, turn the music up and get motivated to join us in the big spring clean!!



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