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Care Key work sessions with some Young People

Today care staff completed an interactive key work session in the local area. All the young people remained enthusiastic and said they preferred completing key work out doors. We started with a visit to Starbucks where the young people were set the following tasks:

  1. To access free sexual health support- it was closed but they used their phones to locate the local find it out centre. They felt shy to access but said they felt happy to return now they know where it is.
  2. To purchase a stamp- two of the young people knew where the local post office was so the young person who didn’t was set the task to locate it on his phone and navigate the way there. He completed this successfully. In the post office they decided to collect driving license registration forms, staff will support completing this.
  3. To find a bank and make enquiries about opening a bank account- they chose Barclays Bank. Two young met with staff and made an appointment and they were given information about what documents they needed to provide. The 3rd young person received support to upload the app for his account to his phone and use it. All three were pleased with this result.
  4. We walked past the library and the young people decided they would like to get a library card. Young person A asked what he needed to register and staff said he needed evidence of address. Staff will return and complete this with the young people next week.
  5. We saw a notice for free IT support and computer use, which they pay to use. We set the young people a challenge to find the best place to buy toothpaste. We started in Superdrug but the young people decided it was overpriced. They all said the best place to buy a good priced toothpaste was in Savers. We completed key work on the types of toothpaste and what to use if they experience sensitive teeth.
  6. We set the young people the task of locating the local Food Bank. All three insisted that they wouldn’t have a need for this but key work was completed on how anyone could need this support at some time in their lives.

We then took the young people around the local museum, they said the highlight of this trip was the good lighting for selfies! All three young people gave today’s session 100% and conveniently it involved a lot of exercise. The following feedback was received on today’s session:

Young person a: 10/10

Young person b: 10/10

Young person c: 10/10


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