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Care Staff in Sussex Conduct Key Work Sessions for Safer Internet Week

On day two of Safer Internet Week, Care staff completed key work with young people to openly talk and learn about being safe online. So far the young people that Rachel, Care staff member, has worked with have a very good understanding of staying safe online, yet a lot has been learned. Staff were unable to locate three young person facebook profiles, which is very positive as young people are using nicknames rather than real names to protect their identity online.

We completed key work on the amount of information an uploaded photo contains, for instance did you know that the numbers that are saved with your photo at the bottom are in fact location details? The young people we worked with didn’t know this either. Did you know that once you upload a photo to social media you no longer own the rights to this photo? It’s shocking but completely true. Photos that you post now may seem like a good idea but in 10 years time when you potentially could have a family of your own would you regret making a photo so public?

Young person E said she didn’t understand why it was ok for a young lady to post holiday photos in her bikini but then get slated for posting photos in her underwear – a good point. They seem the same but what message are you potentially sending out to people looking at your photo? It is socially acceptable to be on holiday in a bikini but would you walk around in your underwear publically? It has been an interesting topic for discussion. We have advised young people to really think about what they are posting and also be very wary of  talking to strangers. Most of them understand the dangers of talking to strangers and wouldn’t arrange to meet someone they didn’t know, but it has been interesting talking about the things that seem safe but may not be.  Staff have completed key work on the report option on facebook and the ‘view me as’ option so you can see your profile as if a public member.

One young person, when asked if they would send money to a stranger online, said they were unsure as they would want to help someone in need. This may seem an obvious no-no to some people, but he is kind-hearted and wants to help others. He now understands why this would not be safe and most likely not a genuine request. No answer is a wrong answer; this week has all been about learning.

Our top tip for the day from young people is: don’t use your real name on social media and we think this is a great idea.


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