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Cleaning Outreach session in Kent

Friday, May 26th, 2017

‘This week during outreach sessions we have been busy cleaning. For these sessions not only do we get our hands dirty with the practical side of cleaning but we also discuss important elements of cleaning and house management such as cleaning products and how often to clean specific areas throughout the house. Other issues frequently arise during cleaning sessions, this week revealed a freezer that was completely unusable due to the amount of ice inside! This was tackled with enthusiasm by the young person who not only had a sparkling kitchen by the end of the session, but also gained a useable freezer.



Referrals are being taken for Outreach support, for enquiries please email This services provides one to one support for young Asylum Seekers and Refugees, teaching them independent living and self care skills. The topics covered vary depending on the areas that the  young person requires support with, thereby creating a package of outreach support that is tailored to meet individual targets and goals.’


Stepping out and learning something new

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Our independent visitors are always encouraging and supporting their young people to try something new. The role of the visitor is to take a long term interest in a young person’s well-being and development.   The visitor and young person will share ideas and discuss potential activities. Whether it be a sport, attending a workshop or a trying a new cultural dish.

We want to encourage them to learn new skills and grow in confidence.  We recently had young people try archery, mountain boarding, trampolining and bowling for the very first time.     Some activities went down really well but others were a challenge









Saying Goodbye

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

We are saying goodbye and a massive ‘Thank you’ to David Warren who has been volunteering with the Independent visiting scheme for 4 ½ years.   He has been committed to volunteering on a regular basis and within this period he has been matched with 2 young people.

David was first matched in July 2013 with a 16 year old male with mild learning disabilities.  David supported his young person to participate in new activities, encouraged him to commit to his work placement and to stay active.   As a keen cyclist David would take his young person to the park and they would cycle together. They also had a session which entailed David giving him a bicycle to fix.  Their visits included London transport museum, sightseeing trips into London, cycling, parks and restaurants.   We ended the match when the young person turned 19 yrs old. Fortunately David was willing to be matched with another young person.

We then matched him with a 12 year old who when first meeting David was excited as the young person loves Dr Who and would always comment that he looks like Jon Pertwee.  David was ill last year and took a break from visiting for a few months.  When he recovered he asked to return as he wanted to continue volunteering.  He is now in full-time employment as a teaching assistant for young adults with Learning disabilities.  He feels that it is time to take a break from visiting and have a well deserved rest.

Why did you apply to become an independent visitor?  

 I had previous experience of volunteering with young people years ago and wanted to gain more current experience.  I heard about the scheme from a friend and she informed me that I should apply for the role.  The scheme was in my local borough so I decided to apply for the role.

Did you know what to expect?  

 I understood the role and what to expect through training.  When I met my first young person it was awkward at the Introduction meeting.  We met at his house with the foster carer and IV coordinator.   I did not know what to expect at this meeting but we spoke about activities he would like to do and planned dates for the first few visits.

Did you find it hard to engage with the young people you were matched with and find activities to do? 

The two young people I was matched with opened up immediately.  I was able to find common ground with both young people.  The activities were not difficult to find. We tried and tested a number of activities.  With the 16 year old he loved buses and knew all the bus routes for various different buses in London, we spent time cycling in the park, cinema and restaurants.  I arranged a visit to London Transport museum open day and my young person got the opportunity to sit at the driver seat of the bus which he enjoyed. With my current 12 yr old he enjoys the outdoor activities, walks, parks and forests. He is a bit more active.  He enjoyed the trip to London when we visited

What advice would you give to those considering volunteering as a visitor? 

Probably to be yourself!  You do need to be non-judgmental and listen to the young person. But ultimately I was myself.  I listened to the young people and was committed to volunteering on a regular basis.  I enjoyed my 4 ½ years with the scheme and maybe I will come back one day.

Learning how to prepare and cook meals with vegetables

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

On outreach this week we have been learning how to prepare and cook meals with vegetables. At this time of year many of the young people we work with are fasting which means they are not consuming meat or dairy products. This is an important part of some religions and as such is very important to the young people.

To help the young people to remain healthy and well during periods of fasting we have been using a variety of methods including; learning about different food groups and what each do for our bodies, cooking a range of delicious vegetarian meals and a trip to the local supermarket.

This helps to learn where to find the ingredients needed for each meal as well as to identify dairy and meat free foods and drinks such as nut milks.

These outreach sessions are all with the aim of growing and promoting independent living skills the young people require, as well as aiding communication skills, building confidence and of course creating delicious meals for the young people to eat!

The young person in the picture enjoyed creating some vegetable fajita’s.

How to make appointments

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

This week during outreach sessions the young people have been practising how to make appointments. This is an essential independent living skill that not only helps the young people become self-sufficient but also increases their English language skills and confidence. To practice, we use a variety of methods, including role play, worksheets and listening to others make appointments. The young people are then encouraged to try making appointments with their support worker next to them and ready to help if they need it. In particular this is a fundamental skill taught and encouraged during outreach sessions and it is great to see the young people’s confidence increase as they master the skill of making appointments independently.

Here are some of the worksheets we use to support learning…..






Referrals are being taken for Outreach support, for enquiries please email This services provides one to one support for young Asylum Seekers and Refugees, teaching them independent living and self care skills. The topics covered vary depending on the areas that the  young person requires support with, thereby creating a package of outreach support that is tailored to meet individual targets and goals.



Independent Visitors!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Each month visitors will spend on average between 2-6 hours with a Young person.

During this month we had several young people discuss with their visitors topics and issues in relation to their peers, self-confidence, relationships, life choices and school.

One visitor advised his young person on how to best manage his feelings in relationships. They talked about respect for others, trust and consent.  Another visitor discussed ways to resolve conflict using nonviolent methods.  They spoke about machismo in society.

A visitor will provide encouragement and guidance. Over time some young people open up and share their lives with a visitor, they immediately feel comfortable. Other times they will never share personal information.  But that is ok, ultimately a visitor is there to support, befriend and listen to a young person.

National Safeguarding Month, 28th Feb – 31st March

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

asphaleia are taking part in UK Youth’s National Safeguarding Month.

Throughout the month we pledge to review and take positive action to improve and ensure the safeguarding of all our service users. We plan to;

STOP what we are doing

LOOK at our safeguarding practices and policies

LISTEN to our service users and take action

We will be reviewing and publishing our safeguarding policies, holding our annual safeguarding conference which will be looking at managing incidents, introducing our new safeguarding toolkits and reviewing staff training. Throughout this week we will also be talking with our service users about what they think safeguarding is, do they know what we do about it, do they think we can do anything better.

For more information about asphaleia, please call us on 01903 522 966

Young Persons Journey so far on the Independent Visiting Scheme!

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Many of our young people within the Independent visitor scheme enjoy sports and physical fitness.  We have young people participating on a regular basis in trampolining, football and tennis.

One young person and her visitor are using their sessions to concentrate on physical fitness and well-being.  She is a sports enthusiast.  At the age of 12 she has done Thai boxing and plays on the school football team.  We managed to match her with a visitor who outside of her occupation is a personal trainer.  The young person and her visitor have been together for a year.  They have done a number of different activities from Thai boxing to go-karting.

Moving forward in the New Year they have discussed how they would use their time together.  We encourage visitors to ask their young people how they would like to spend their sessions.  The young person shared that she would like to spend more time on physical activities.

Their recent visit incorporated a trip to the local park whereby they played badminton at the tennis courts.  The young person engaged well with the activity demonstrating some good hand eye coordination when focused on the activity.  The visitor noticed that the young person though lacks self-confidence initially, she becomes self-assured very quickly.  She engages well with sports and enjoys her time out.  They ended the session with a hot chocolate which the young person said she can work off next time!

For more information about the Independent Visitor Scheme, please email us by clicking here.

Worthing phone lines back up!

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Thank you for your patience.

We are pleased to announce that both our Worthing phone lines are now up and running!

Worthing phone lines are down

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Our phone lines are temporarily down in Worthing.

In the meantime please contact us on 01895 272 478 and messages will be passed on to the relevant member of staff.

We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused, this should be resolved shortly.