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Could you foster?

When we ask people the question, “could you foster?” we often get the same replies or questions. As it is #FosteringFortnight, we thought this would be a good time to put some FAQs out there and debunk some common myths about fostering.

  1. “I’m too old to foster”

Fostering has no upper age limit and in fact, some people have fostered into their 70’s. As long as the child’s needs are met, no upper age limit applies to foster carers.

  1. “I have a job”

It is not a requirement of foster carers to give up their job, as long as you are willing to prioritise the child in your care and understand the commitment you are making when you agree to become a foster carer.

  1. “I don’t know how long I could foster for”

The period of time that a person fosters a child for is completely dependent on the circumstances. There is no average length and the whole journey is supported.

  1. “I have children”

Having children is not a barrier to becoming a foster carer. In fact, it is up to your fostering manager to assess and support whether or not you could foster whilst already looking after your own children.

  1. “I am single”

You do not have to be married or cohabiting in order to become a foster carer.

  1. “I can’t afford to foster”

asphaleia offers a comprehensive and competitive rate for foster carers to ensure that both the child and the foster carer can live a safe and stable life.

  1. “I don’t understand how to get involved in fostering”

Simply get in touch to arrange a chat with our fostering manager Kim so that she can tell you more about what it’s like to be a foster carer. We want foster carers who are looking to ensure the safety, development and achievement of young people who need a home.

Call 01903 522966 or email today.

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