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Hannah’s Youth Talent Journey….

Hannah joined The Youth Talent Project in Uxbridge in September and has now finished her programme. Hannah wanted to share her journey with you….

Before I started at asphaleia I was bored, I did try keeping busy by volunteering at my local primary school and going to the gym but I knew I needed to get myself ready for more. I left school with nothing as I spent year 11 in hospital for various reasons; reasons I am now coming to terms with and getting support with mentally. My Dad then saw an advert for Youth Talent and convinced me to meet with Zoe – I am glad I did!

I was apprehensive about opening up to someone new but I felt at ease and knew she would be supportive with my past and with what I wanted in my future. Everyone told me I had to get my GCSEs and re-sit them to get anywhere in life and this scared me, but Zoe explained that wasn’t exactly what I had to do right now …. I finally had options. I enjoyed being part of this project and meeting with Zoe each week. We spoke about my confidence and my nerves and these have improved.

We went to meet with a traineeship company and I am happy to say I am starting there in January! If we did not go together I doubt I would be saying this at all. I would just be doing the same old thing every day and not really progressing. I am looking forward to starting something new and fresh and just in time for the New Year. I am very grateful for Zoe’s help and my Dad is too. He said we were very pro-active! That would never normally be something he would say about me!’

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