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Join Prince William and Lady Gaga – show it’s ‘Ok to Say’

There are just 5 days to go until the first mental health marathon and the #oktosay campaign films are playing their part in showing us all why it’s OK to talk about mental health.

Lady Gaga has now released her own #oktosay film, where she discusses her own battle with mental health with Prince William.

You can watch the video here and find out more about the Heads Together Charity

Here at asphaleia we always strive to tackle the issues around mental health and support other charities campaigns in doing this.

Over the last week, people from all around the UK have shown that talking about mental health is #oktosay by uploading a photo with someone they turn to for support.

asphaleia would love you to join in and help us show that it’s #oktosay.
All you need to do is upload a photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of yourself with the person you talk to when you need support for your mental health. It could be an old or new picture with a friend, colleague, family member – anyone. Just make sure you tag #oktosay and #HeadsTogether

You can also send tag and like us on our social media sites to see how we support mental health.

Instagram: @asphaleiainsta

Twitter: @asphaleiaaction

Facebook: @asphaleia


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