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Kinda Nice to be Kind: Anti-bullying Week 2018

As part of anti-bullying week, at asphaleia training we focused on the positive effects of being kind to others and what acts of kindness make people feel. At the beginning of each lesson, learners were asked to consider what kindness means and how we can alter someone’s mood for the better just through a few words or a simple action. Brick by brick we constructed our own ‘Wall of Kindness’ with individual comments from our learners.

The overall response was one of thoughtfulness and consideration. The impact of being nice or putting a smile on someone’s face is not forgotten and is truly appreciated by our learners. Phrases such as, ‘feeling respected’, ‘you are worth it’, ‘be amazing’ and ‘make someone’s day’ were commonplace on our wall and reflected many of our aims and objectives.

The wall is still presented in our foyer for all to see and consider what kindness brings. It also makes people think about what would be on their brick. What would be on yours?

asphaleia staff also wore odd socks to support this important awareness week!

To refer a young people to our education and support services in West Sussex or Uxbridge, please call asphaleia on 01903 823546.

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