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Learners Create asphaleia Cafe with Halloween Themed Menu

Last month, asphaleia learners ran their very own café for the staff. Our learners made, sold, and marketed all of the items on their very spooky menu.

Their menu included:

Boonanas – bananas with chocolate faces.
Fingernail Salad – grapes and passion fruit.
Spiders – Grapes and chocolate
Mummy’s Delight – chocolate covered shortbread with marshmallow bandages.
Blood Punch – Apple, cranberry, ginger juice and sparkling water.

Our learners wrote a clear list of what needed to be done and then spread the workload fairly so that they were working as a team. The food preparation team cleaned down the food preparation area and ensured everyone was ready to handle food. They then prepared all the food while the marketing team named and prepared the menu and calculated the cost of the food items and set the menu prices. After the food had been prepared the waiting team went to find customers. They spoke to various staff members in a polite manner and took their orders. All staff members were given chocolate coins to pay for their food, meaning that the waiting staff had to calculate the cost and give accurate change. This was an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in a safe and friendly environment. Once ordered the wait staff relayed the information to the food preparation team and they plated up the orders for the wait staff to deliver to our lovely customers.

Our learners said: “I really liked doing asphaleia café and I want to do it again.”

“I really enjoyed making all the food, I’d never really done anything like this before but I liked it.”

“I thought that I would be really bad at taking orders because I don’t really like talking to people but I was actually really good at it. It helped me know that it wasn’t that bad.”

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