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Learning how to prepare and cook meals with vegetables

On outreach this week we have been learning how to prepare and cook meals with vegetables. At this time of year many of the young people we work with are fasting which means they are not consuming meat or dairy products. This is an important part of some religions and as such is very important to the young people.

To help the young people to remain healthy and well during periods of fasting we have been using a variety of methods including; learning about different food groups and what each do for our bodies, cooking a range of delicious vegetarian meals and a trip to the local supermarket.

This helps to learn where to find the ingredients needed for each meal as well as to identify dairy and meat free foods and drinks such as nut milks.

These outreach sessions are all with the aim of growing and promoting independent living skills the young people require, as well as aiding communication skills, building confidence and of course creating delicious meals for the young people to eat!

The young person in the picture enjoyed creating some vegetable fajita’s.

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