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Learning Set With Our Volunteer Independent Visitors in Bromley

On Saturday 18th of May, six of our Independent Visitors met together for a learning set with our IV Coordinator, Jeni. The purpose of these bi-annual gatherings is to enable peer support between our volunteers who otherwise do not interact as visits are one-to-one. Learning sets provide an opportunity for them to learn from one another and share suggestions for activities, for example.

We want our volunteers to experience a mutually beneficial time whilst they’re with us and as well as doing service-specific training and development, they are a part of our annual organisation day and our learning and development week.

Additionally, the learning set is an opportunity to discuss the requirements of the service and where we can develop as individuals and together to ensure every service user has the best experience they can. At the recent session we looked at how we can best utilize activity budgets and also looked at conversation skills.

It was a productive time with all volunteers contributing and positively engaging in discussion. We have a great team of Independent Visitors and as Volunteer Week approaches we are feeling grateful and proud of the time they give to our service users and the impact they are having.

Volunteer opportunity Bromley

We are currently recruiting more Independent Visitors. We need a diverse team of male and female volunteers who can be matched to young people. The role requires 3-5 hours of your time per month and visits take place once a month on the weekend. You need to be at least 21 years-old. Please email us for an application pack and more information about the role:

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