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Make Trax Learners Start Work on Sustainability: One Water Bottle at a Time

This week, our Make Trax learners have begun learning about sustainability. In one of their workshops, learners discussed what recycling means to them with a project worker, before taking on a recycling quiz based primarily on single-use plastic.

See an example below: can you answer the questions?

  1. What do you think ‘biodegrade’ means?
  2. What kinds of things take less time to biodegrade?
  3. What kinds of items take more time to biodegrade?
  4. On average, how long does a plastic bottle take to decompose?
  5. How many times could you circle the world with the amount of plastic that is thrown away in one year?

After taking the quiz and discussing why choosing reusable plastic is so important in our training centre and the workplace, our learners decorated a name tag and attached it to their reusable water bottle. Through ditching single-use plastic at water fountains around the centre, and in our breakfast club, these learners are now contributing to ‘greener’ support through Make Trax.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in our Make Trax project, (or wants to know if they got the answers right!) email Gracie at for more information.


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