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New Year, New Maths Game at asphaleia training College!

What better way to start the new year than by practicing those mental maths skills? Brush the dust off your brain cells that have hibernated over Christmas and get the maths mind ready with a simple mental arithmetic game. In the maths Level 1/2 class in Worthing, we had circular targets printed out with a range of numbers up to 20 round the outside and 25 for the bullseye. You could easily make this yourself if you are feeling crafty! We then played the old fashioned game of ‘Tiddlywinks’ (yes it really did used to be called that many years ago), which means you ping a counter across the table by pressing another counter gently on its edge. Each learner started with 100 points then they had to subtract the number they landed on (no calculators allowed!) and the first to zero was the winner!
We then changed it up a level and combined rolling a dice with shooting a counter on the target and then you had to multiply the two numbers – the first to 500 won! An easy way to practice mental maths and it brought out the competitive edge in everyone! Use it or lose it I say! If you have any other ideas for simple mental maths games, do send them in to me at
… Keep on playing, whoever said maths wasn’t fun?!
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