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Outreach sessions in Kent with Filling in various forms

This week in Kent we have been filling out various forms in outreach sessions. These include biometric replacement cards, travel documents, GP registration forms and provisional driving licences.

Some of these forms can be pretty complicated especially for young people who have English as their second language. As such it is an important skill to master. During sessions we fill out the forms together and speak through the terms which often they have not heard before. The aim of this is not only to complete the form but to provide the young people with the skills and understanding to undertake form filling independently in the future. A mundane yet essential skill for these young people to master.

During outreach sessions we have helped two young people register with their local GP surgery.

Outreach sessions in Kent are all about the paper work this week. With the young people completing forms for travel document and replacement documents

Young people in Kent are looking forwards to travelling and are completing provisional driving licence applications and travel documents in preparation for this.

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