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Outreach Workers in Kent Support Young People with Benefits Applications

This month during outreach sessions in Kent we have been supporting young people to apply for benefits.  This usually requires a lengthy phone call, copious amounts of form filling and a job centre appointment.  Within outreach sessions we can support with all aspects of this process and find this support is often sought after and valued. This is because the process of applying for benefits and understanding the social security system is a daunting process for many people, but especially for young people, care leavers and refugees who often rely on this financial support.

As such, once we have completed the benefits applications not only do the young people have a better understanding of the benefits systems and their entitlements, but they often report a sense of relief that it has been completed.  Happily this means they can get on with the important things like enjoying themselves instead of worrying about their finances.

Referrals are being taken for Outreach support, for enquiries please email This services provides one to one support for young Asylum Seekers and Refugees, teaching them independent living and self care skills. The topics covered vary depending on the areas that the young person requires support with, thereby creating a package of outreach support that is tailored to meet individual targets and goals.

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