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Returning Staff Member

Carol Ann is back!

I began working for asphaleia in Uxbridge back in 2006. I became the 5th member of a very new outreach service delivery support to unaccompanied minors. It was all very new to me at the time. I had come from a care support background working with the elderly and adults with LD and had little to no experience or understanding of the asylum process. I learned loads in those two years, not just about the job but also about myself. I soon found I was able to identify and empathise with the YP purely because of my own life’s journey.

Those first two years prepared me for the next role with asphaleia, which took me to Worthing, From 2008  to 2012 I became a full time live-in house parent. This was probably one of my favourite jobs of all time.

To this day I sometimes bump into some of those YP I had supported and lived with. To see them grown up and some with children of their own gives me a sense of purpose. I feel the satisfaction of being a small part of the development and nurturing of such young vulnerable people cannot be measured. So when people ask me why asphaleia, I can only think back to the great times I had working with these YP and can honestly say, this is why.

My new role as service coordinator for the reception service brings me back to working in the same house I once worked and lived in for many years. But the role is very different now. I currently am split between the reception service and the outreach support service for the semi-independent accommodations.

Welcome back, Carol Ann!

What my day-to-day looks like 

My day is often very busy as the window of opportunity to prepare these YP for their next steps on their  journey is only around six weeks within the reception service. In comparison to my days as a house parent this is very different. It is a fast-paced with all the same appointments to attend such as solicitors,  home office, social service meetings, medical and education but with such a small window of time to work with the YP makes the experience much more intense. Although the service may seem appointment driven the YP’s development to independence is equally a high priority for me. The YP leaving the reception service will be going on to some form of semi or independent accommodation. Therefore it is important to ensure they leave with some life skills.

Prior to returning to asphaleia I was working with vulnerable adults and YP with the West Sussex Homelessness Prevention Partnership service. In this role I gained knowledge and experience enabling vulnerable people maintain their tenancies and avoid homelessness. I am grateful for the years experience I gained within that role and can see how this can be beneficial supporting the YP at asphaleia as they move into independent living.

To find out more about asphaleia care’s services in Sussex, West London and Kent, please visit our website or call 01903 522966.

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