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SAFE Kent British Values Workshop

One of the sessions the SAFE project delivers to newly arrived unaccompanied asylum seeking children in Kent is on British values. The session covers some of the values and norms, as well as laws which include responsibilities and rights.

The young people engaged well in discussions when comparing values and laws across the countries they were born in and in Europe. Some discussions covered politics and how the systems may differ, even when countries may both be ruled by a form of democracy. Young people are very aware that the Police in England are here to deal with crime, which is often very different in their home countries where there may be different groups or corruption that deals with crime.

We had some interesting conversations about respect, what this means and how this manifests in different ways in different countries. Some of the young people offered respect for their elders meant not looking them in the eye, whereas here it is seen as more respectful to look people in the eye. We also discussed diversity and tolerance as England has such a diverse population when it comes to nationalities, ethnicity, age, religion and sexual orientation. We also discussed how these play different roles in different countries- religion might be much more important in other countries, and diversity in sexual orientation or disability might be frowned upon or create difficult situations. The young people created some poster art after our discussions.

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