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Safe West Sussex

Safe West Sussex is now well into the swing of things after entering its third year in October. Interventionists have worked with over 1,000 young people since January 2017 and we’re not stopping there!

What is Safe West Sussex?

Safe West Sussex is a preventative Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) project. CSE is when a young person is made or tricked into doing something sexual, or having something sexual done to them, receiving something in return such as love, money, gifts, alcohol or acceptance. CSE can occur both in person and online and can affect both females and males. These children are often tricked into believing that they are in a healthy and consensual relationship.

CSE awareness day

CSE national awareness day takes place this month

Who do we work with?

We work with young people aged 10-25 across West Sussex. We work with young people who are at risk of becoming a victim of CSE and those who are at risk of becoming a perpetrator of CSE. We work with young people on topics such as healthy relationships, risk management, online safety, sexting, consent and more. Our sessions aim to reduce risk and vulnerability through education on these key topics. We work on a 1-1 or small group basis in the community and in schools.

We also work with year 6 classes across West Sussex. We do a 1 hour workshop on healthy relationships and talk about what to do if they are ever in an unhealthy relationship.

Not only that….we work with parents too! Just as we know that every child is unique, we know that every family is too and each family requires unique support. We provide non-judgmental, confidential support to help parents recognise and build on the strengths that they have to protect their children and reduce their risk of harm.

Sounds great, how can I refer someone for support?

Contact Ruby on 01903 522966 for further information and for a copy of our referral form.

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