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Self-Care Session with UASC Learners in Uxbridge

Last week Debbie and James from The Children’s Society’s ‘Rise project for Trafficked Boys and Men’ met with some of our UASC learners in Uxbridge.

James and Debbie previously met with the group to talk about risk and safety, the focus for this session was ‘Self-Care’.

The group enjoyed participating in activities around identifying feelings and emotions and worked together to think about signs and indicators of emotions such as ‘anger’ in others. The young people came up with good examples highlighting how the whole body can communicate a range of feelings and emotions and reflected on their own triggers.

The session ended with a focus on ways to combat stress using sport, breathing exercises and meditation, providing the young people with helpful strategies to take away from the session.


YOU are a very important person and deserve to take time out, to ensure you’re feeling your best.

Some tips for self-care include:

  • Taking time out for YOU!

Take the time to do the things you enjoy, uninterrupted. This could be a hobby, listening to music, or taking a bath. Think about what feels right for you.

  • Being mindful of your mental health and any mood triggers

Seek support from your friends and family, talking and keeping them updated on how you are feeling and working together to work out the best ways they can help you when you may be feeling low. Sometimes keeping a mood diary can also help with identifying triggers and emotions.

  • Getting out and about

Seeing friends and family or an activity outside can help improve feelings of low mood.

  • Seeking professional support

Anxiety UK offers advice and support for people living with anxiety.

B-eat provides information and support for people affected by eating disorders.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) supports men’s mental health.

FRANK provides confidential drugs advice and information.

Hearing Voices Network runs an online forum and local groups across the country.

Mind Out offers mental health advice and support for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+.

No Panic offers help and advice about anxiety disorders, including a helpline and recovery groups.

StudentMinds supports students with their mental health.

YoungMinds supports children and young people with their mental health.

If you are supporting UASC (aged 16-20) in Kent and feel they may need support with keeping themselves or others safe, please email to make a referral or for more information about the SAFE Kent project.

If you are supporting UASC in Kent and feel they may need support with mental health, please email to make a referral to the Palm Tree project.

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