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It was very snowy in Kent onl a couple of weeks ago! Both staff and young people weren’t able to get to appointments and most schools and colleges were shut… But our work didn’t stop! Staff were busy working from home, going through admin, emails and of course keeping in touch with young people. Even though we were not physically there, we continued to support the young people on our projects, ensuring they didn’t feel lonely and left out.

Most young people enjoyed the snow, for most of them it was the first time they’d seen it- an exciting new experience! Some of the conversations we had are around what you can do in the snow, such as building snowmen or anything else, having snowball ‘fights’ or sledging down small slopes. We discussed differences in weather between countries such as Eritrea, Afghanistan and England, and how these countries cope with extreme weather. Talking about these differences brought back some happy memories for young people on the Palm Tree Project, it was great to hear about them. We discussed how to stay safe and warm in this weather and what’s best to wear when braving the snow blizzards outside.

Some young people enjoyed the snow outside with friends, whereas others might not live close to friends and were feeling lonely. We encouraged young people to give their friends a ring and see how they are. We also reminded young people that we were still there for them at the end of the phone and to reach out if they were feeling lonely.

Below is a picture of Palm Tree worker Gwen, with her snow princess built on her day off- show us your creations please!

The Palm Tree Project works with Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children under the care of Kent Social Services, aged between 13-18 years. The project uses mentoring, art and music sessions to support better mental health and wellbeing. Contact Gwen in Maidstone on 01622 690 857 or at to find out more


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