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Social Media: Your Online Footprint and How to Protect Your Privacy

With the huge increase in social media apps, privacy is a well known and well publicised issue. In previous years, ‘what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas’, today what happened in Vegas stays on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. Once your content is online, it will stay there forever. All of us need to consider how this may impact our reputation and potential employability in the future.

Should potential employers be privy to your personal or social information? The simple answer is ‘no,’ but if you post personal information on the internet and your privacy settings are not used correctly, then hiring managers can, and will, see more than you want them to.  So, what can you do about it?

Top Tips:

  • Do a quick online health check by Googling yourself.  Type your name into the search bar, whatever you find is pretty much what your prospective employer will see.  If there is something potentially embarrassing or inappropriate, then try to get rid of it.
  • Review all of your privacy settings on your social media.  You can determine who can see your posts, status and photos, as well as your political and religious views.  It is probably a good idea to also restrict all permissions to friends only too, at least while you are job hunting.
  • Articles and blogs are an effective way to demonstrate your expertise in your specialist field. Posting relevant content shows your potential employer your commitment to your chosen industry and your views on it.
  • Do use a professional networking site such as LinkedIn to create a professional online profile.
  • Do post a decent profile picture and use a nickname on social media sites if you would prefer these not to be found by a potential employer.

Think about what you post – would you want a future employer to read it?  If not, then is the time to rethink about where and when, and potentially what, you are posting.








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