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Takeover Challenge – Young People Takeover asphaleia!



From the 20th-24th of November, asphaleia invited young people to take over as part of the Takeover Challenge!

Our centres in Uxbridge, Kent and Worthing had lots of activities throughout the week. Read below to find out more…

In Uxbridge the UASC learners turned the tables and taught their tutors and their peers about grammar; our learners enjoyed showing off their skills!


Laura’s SAFE session also got taken over by a young person who taught HER about healthy relationships!

Our Youth Forum saw learners directing the session too. The young people spoke about planning the next sessions and give their ideas to us.

Zoe let two young people take over the action Twitter & Instagram and asked them to write their own blogs…. Check out our social media sites to see how they did!




At our Kent office there was lots of arts and crafts with young people taking over Amanda’s drop-in session and creating amazing works of art.


In Bromley, the Independent visiting Scheme decided that the Takeover Challenge would be a great opportunity for a young person to take over the organising of a visit. The young person organised the monthly activity at Laser Tag in Orpington.  This was a great opportunity for the young person to gain confidence and develop her skills in planning.

Her mentor described the activity as very well organised and a fun day out.  The young person did really well in scoring the highest points out of 38 people at the venue!

In Worthing the training learners had a talk from Waitrose and Sainsbury employees. They then took over the session explaining what they had learnt and what it takes to make a career in retail.

Learners also took over social media and started creating a video of the learning centre and an introduction to staff… Watch this space to see the final video!

Some of the learners took over Nikki’s session and got to ask her questions about her job role and employment history and then some taught her about Romeo and Juliet which they are studying for their GCSEs.

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