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Takeover Week in Worthing

Last week in our Worthing Training centre, our learners were given the opportunity to provide feedback in young people forums held by project workers, Michele Mathews and Sarah Hughes.

Sarah said: ‘Michele and I held two separate forums with two different groups of young people’. It was great to see the learners getting involved! We were provided with some amazing feedback and we were pleasantly surprised to see that both groups had planned some teaching for us, also!


Group one was a smaller group of 3 Young People (YP). They were asked:

We aim for all young people to attend 100% of their programme and we understand this is not always possible for everyone. What more can we do help young people achieve?

Feedback included, structured breaks in learning following exams, specialized timetables, group activities such as going to the cinema and days out. Voucher incentives – such as a voucher of your choice. A popular suggestion was star bucks and coffee mornings for YP who achieve 100% each month.


Each of the 3 learners had planned and prepared a quiz with the support of their English tutor Trish. These were a music quiz, a rugby quiz and a food quiz. We certainly know more about rugby than we did before!


Group two was a larger group of 6 YP. They were asked;

How would young people like to find out about our programmes/what we do? Where do they get their information from? What type of communication/info do YP respond to?

It was surprising to hear that the majority of learners prefer a phone call as a way of communication, most learners told us they would not communicate by email as they do not read their emails. Facebook was a popular choice for accessing information and they requested more updates to be put onto FB. All learners suggested flyers through the post would be a good method of communication because if they saw a leaflet that interested them they would make contact.


This group also took over teaching. They had prepared a session on ratio and averages which they had planned with their tutor, Trish. ‘


Both groups worked extremely hard at preparing the sessions and gave some great suggestions for development. The learners really enjoyed the takeover week, with one learner asking ‘Can we do this every month’?

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