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Update from Sierra Leone

Hi everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed our blogs from Sierra Leone. It’s already been nearly two months since we returned from that trip and so much has happened in that time. We have had good news and sad news and everything in between. The sad news is that Zainab has been diagnosed with malaria and typhoid and is quite seriously ill. We are awaiting news from the hospital in Freetown.

Just to focus on a bit of good news and testament to Zainab’s ongoing work with girls and women in Sierra Leone, you may remember an excerpt from one of my blogs whilst in Freetown…

“Just to rewind back to the morning, Jurgita and I received a couple of donations for the Project from Laura and my sister! We decided with Zainab’s advice to buy some lino for the Masiaka Learning Centre with Laura’s donation and a sewing machine with my sister’s donation for one of the girls at the Centre in Freetown. Habibatu is deaf and dumb and has against all the odds and expectations, become the highest achieving pupil. Children with disabilities in Sierra Leone are often “written off” according to Zainab, as they are considered to be a financial drain on the family. Unfortunately, this girl didn’t have a start up kit to earn her own living from her tailoring skills. Her father wanted to send her to Guinea to marry a man three times her age (she is unsure of her date of birth as are many of those not born in hospitals but we are guessing at 23). Zainab said she fought with the father many times to try and change his mind. We broke the news to Habibatu about her new sewing machine today with her mother present to sign language for us. Life changing. Just another day at the office…”

How lovely then to receive these photos taken by Zainab a couple of weeks ago! A real example of a donation well spent.





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