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Uxbridge Learners Talk About Bullying

The learners in Uxbridge talked about ‘bullying’ in their ICT session on Monday. The aim of the ICT session was to explore how to use a website and understand how to navigate through it to look for information.  Hence, as part of the anti-bullying week, we explored the Bullying UK website-(

The session started with a little discussion about bullying to set the context and the learners seemed quite enthusiastic and interested in the topic and started talking about it. They made a mind map and wrote down their ideas. One of the learners said, ‘ bullying happens in all schools all over the world and it is a very bad thing.’  We talked specially about cyber bullying as it was an ICT session and everyone agreed that we need to be very careful when using  the Internet especially social networking sites like Facebook. One of the learners said, ‘ we shouldn’t accept friend requests from strangers and if someone is sending us bad messages then we must be careful and tell someone.’


After the brainstorming session, the students visited the Bullying UK website and read about bullying, types of bullying on their own. After that, we watched a couple of videos together and it was agreed by everyone that everyone should raise their voices against bullying and that no one should suffer in silence. Following that the learners were asked to make a poster about bullying.

The main message that came across was ‘bullying is a horrible thing and nobody should suffer in silence.’ ‘No one has the right to call me names and say I am worthless because each one is unique and important’.

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