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Visit To The Council Offices with Kent Outreach

This week in Kent Outreach sessions we have paid a visit to the local council offices to follow up on a housing benefit claim. This trip allowed the young person to build on many independent living skills. For instance, before the trip we practiced using an internet search to find the location of the offices. We then practiced what we would need to say to the receptionist and the key information we would need to present.

Once in the offices we were required to first use the touch screen machine to collect a ticket. Once our ticket number had been called we were required to state the reason for our visit and to give personal details such as name and date of birth. The young person was able to do this independently after our practice. We were then required to see a housing officer to present the evidence required for the housing benefit application. With support, the young person was able to independently give the correct information, which was the final step in the application process.

This session was valuable to the young person. Not only did it build on practical skills such as using maps, arriving for appointments and presenting key information, but it also increased their confidence. Following this session the young person stated they felt they had a better knowledge of the process and could manage this process independently in future.

Referrals are being taken for Outreach support. For enquiries please email This service provides one-to-one support for young Asylum Seekers and Refugees looked after by Kent County Council, teaching them independent living and self-care skills. The topics covered vary depending on the areas that the young person requires support with, thereby creating a package of outreach support that is tailored to meet individual targets and goals.

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